Fall Tag.

Hi everyone, happy October and welcome back to another blog post!

Today I will be doing the Fall Tag, I was nominated by Georgia (thecovetedlifstyle.com) and Em (emmjoy.co.uk). Go and check out their blogs!

1) What is one candle you MUST light every fall?

This is hard for me because I don’t really light candles very often and I haven’t got a specific candle that I light at fall. I definitely need to try it out this month so I have a favourite for next year!

2) When you think of fall, what does it remind you of?

Fall always reminds me of big thick jumpers, leggings, boots and leaves.

3) What is your all-time favourite fall/Halloween movie?

I am a massive horror film fan so literally anything Halloween themed which includes horror I will love.

4) What Halloween costume do you have in mind?

I don’t have any plans for Halloween as of yet so I’m not sure if I’m getting a costume if I’m not going to be doing anything but if I end up having plans for Halloween I will go dressed as a black cat.

5) What is your favourite fall trend?

I love the mustard coloured clothing trend that comes with fall, it seemed to become quite a big trend this year. I actually wasn’t that keen on the mustard colour but this year I bought my first ever thick mustard jumper and I actually love it. It suits me really well to be honest (if I do say so myself!)

6) When you think of fall, what drink comes to mind?

I have never tried this drink, but all that comes to my mind drinks-wise when fall arrives is the Pumpkin Spice Latte. I really need to try it this year as I’m a big coffee lover and I reckon I would really like it.

7) What is your go-to fall beauty product?

I have quite a few go-to fall beauty products. The first one is lip balm as when the weather gets cold and the air goes damp, my lips start to get chapped and it stings, it’s not nice. Another go-to fall beauty product is a dark berry kind of colour lip and then for my eyes it’s either got to be a dark berry eye look or dark brown colours.

8) Do you prefer apple or pumpkin pie?

I have never tried pumpkin pie but I absolutely love apple pie so at this moment in time I would have to say apple pie. It could all change when I try pumpkin pie.

9) Do you have any fall traditions?

I don’t really have any fall traditions apart from decorating the house with Halloween decorations when Halloween arrives.

10) Is fall your favourite season?

No, I would say fall is my second favourite season as Summer is my favourite because it’s warm, I love going out in skirts and dresses and sitting in the sun in a beer garden! I love fall though as that’s when you can start getting all your jumpers out as I love wearing jumpers.

And that is my Fall Tag completed!

The bloggers I would like to nominate are:

  1. Beth (aboutabookclub.wordpress.com)
  2. Ellie (elliemaeblogswordpress.wordpress.com)
  3. Beth (lipsticklashesandlife.co.uk)
  4. Alix (alixkate.co.uk)
  5. Lauren (laurenannbeauty.com)

Go and give their blogs a look at 🙂

What is your favourite thing about fall? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to seeing you on my next post!

Leah x


27 thoughts on “Fall Tag.

  1. Another fabulous post Leah!
    Like you, I love Autumn fashion as it’s so chic and cosy.
    Mustard is an underrated colour isn’t it? Kind of looks ugly on a hanger sometimes but usually looks nicer in person.
    I always dress up as a witch but I think it’s about time I switched things up a bit and a black cat would be my first choice this year for Halloween too!
    I couldn’t live without lip balm either as my lips get so dry, so easily and like you say, chapped lips just sting! Ouch!!
    Great answers hun!
    Hanna x
    missbeautysaver.com | Bloglovin ❤ 

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love getting to know you more Leah! I am a fan of the mustard colored clothing as well but I don’t own any. hahaha I have to be looking out for some when I shop!

    Liked by 1 person

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